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Hello there, welcome!

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Welcome to my really basic Website built using Typescript, Bun, Astro, Vue, TailwindCSS, and DaisyUI. This website was also written on a Chromebook with custom firmware running Fedora Workstation, using Visual Studio Code. There's not a lot here at the moment, but that will change soon, as I make this the new replacement for my old website, which I cannot take credit for.

Who is this?

I'm the Maroon Hat Hacker, a guy who loves Linux, Web development (currently focusing on frontend, since it's a little more creative), Music, and fixing/breaking laptops. I'm a big advocate of Free Software, and of the Open Source community, which I have benefitted from greatly over the years. As such, I try to give back to the community as best as I can, but I'm still learning, so my contributions are sometimes a little shody. I hope to improve as I gain more experience.

For now though, take a look around, and enjoy the show!